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Anniversary Plans

So every anniversary since Spot & I have been married we've spent with friends or family (mostly family). This is fine — it's great, our friends & family are amazing — but it's an anniversary, you know? I wanted to do something on our own.

So in TWO DAYS we'll be headed to San Diego. Because I got the wild idea that going to California for our anniversary would be awesome and the means to get there existed readily thanks to excessive airline miles.

Current plans include at least one tiki bar (the Bali Hai), the Zoo & Safari Parks, seeing a live taping of @midnight (already got tickets), and possibly Disneyland. Very possibly Disneyland. Disneyland is more or less a definite but I keep saying "if" because we're trying to do this trip on the fly outside of the Zoo, and I'm failing spectacularly at not planning. But I enjoy the hell out of planning so I can't complain TOO much.

We may hit other tiki bars — Tonga Hut in Hollywood and Trader Sam's in Disneyland — and possibly Oceanic Arts and/or the Tiki Farm home base, if they're open. I'm trying to decide if hitting 3 tiki bars in one month will contribute more than one to my "once a month" count (can I skip June & July so we don't have to go to Cape Cod or Long Island during actual summer? I haven't decided yet).

And yes: we know that Los Angeles/Anaheim/San Diego are a fair distance from one another. Our rental car ranked over our hotel room when it came to luxuries, simply because we knew we'd be driving a lot.

We still need to pack, though =p

Mood Swings & Tiki Drinks

Remember in my last post how I said we might be going to Disney again in March? We're totally going to Disney again in March. Less than two weeks from now. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

Yesterday we went down to New York City to stretch our legs and continue my goal of visiting a different tiki bar every month of this year. This goal would be admittedly way less challenging if we lived in California or Florida, but I'm not letting that stop me. In January we went to Hu Ke Lau in Massachusetts, this month we hit Otto's Shrunken Head, and next month we will be hitting Trader Sam's Grog Grotto in Disney. After that, I'm hoping to go to the new tiki bar that opened in Portland, Maine, this year. After that? Who knows. Summer opens up a lot of possibilities, since up here there are a lot of seasonal places that do outdoor tiki-style stuff as soon as Memorial Day rolls around. It may involve going up to Cape Cod during the busy summer months, but it'll be worth it. Maybe.

October, though? We'll be hitting Disney again, with hopefully a day trip to what is ranked the best tiki bar in the nation: The Mai Kai.

In the mean time I will be Kermit-flailing about the fact that we're going back to Disney in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS and reorganizing our very extensive tiki mug collection.

Oh, yeah, and work. And cookies. And sketches. And all the various other boring life stuff :)

Life Update

God, I haven't updated this thing since October. I remember when I used to update it two or three times A DAY. Being an adult: losing things to LiveJournal about?

Anyway. What's been going on.

• I am now a cyborg! I got an insulin pump last month, meaning that instead of doing shots 5 times a day I am programming a little device to put insulin inside me. I have to change the entry site every 3 days, and loading it's a bit of a hassle (it's a Tandem G4, or whatever the one with the Dexcom in it is), but I've gotten better at that process at least (after fucking up and wasting insulin a fair few times).

• Had Thanksgiving down with family in Maryland and it was good. Not much else to say there really. I have a new nephew. Babies are…small sort of humans. I still have no desire to have one of my own.

(If you want or have kids I have absolutely nothing against that! Have fun! It's just not for me.)

• The first weekend of December, spotweld and I went down to Disney World to see the Christmas celebrations. It was a lot of fun, though the Halloween party ranks above the Christmas party in our personal opinion. Also, if you ever get offered a Wyndham time share deal? I would recommend against it. We knew it'd be a hard sale going in, but having a salesperson literally call you stupid, a waste of his time, and say that your financial methods were ridiculous was beyond the pale. Even if we were interested — and the resort was nice! We could have been! — the final sales presentation was enough to turn our stomachs.

But Disney was fun! We're annual passholders now so we might be going back in March.

And speaking of Disney…

• We're still planning a trip for October. I need to get my act together on updating the forums, but feel free to check them out: http://notacon.freeforums.net

I've unfortunately been unable to make reservations for us because I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on an insulin pump, but I'm hoping to get that done before the end of January. Dual income no kids IS extremely beneficial to the bank account, fortunately for us.

• I still like my job. After having so many shitty jobs and terrible bosses, you have no idea how glad I am to be able to say that.

• Christmas was quiet. The day after, we toured the three local distilleries (all within less than forty minutes of our house), and we've spent the week just chilling. Spot's got the week off to catch up on bills and various chores and errands that haven't been done, and I'm working, so my days are spent babysitting printers, but that's okay.

Here's to an interesting new year, hopefully with me having the time, energy, and motivation for more creative pursuits. We shall see.

Health Update




Went to the hospital yesterday for testing. Took the whole day off from work because figured I'd be a wreck about it, and I was; I spent the majority of the day curled up in bed trying to sleep or read my troubles away.

Spent something like 2-and-a-half hours in the hospital, walking back and forth between the mammogram machine and the room with the ultrasound. They tested me on both machines something like 3 times each.

Can you guess what they found?

Well, I can't, because nobody told me. It's actually possible that no one knows. There's definitely something there -- I saw the scan of the tiny tiny (supposedly smaller than the side of a dime) thing, but...they don't know what it is. I'm guessing it's probably not a cyst, because I'm pretty sure that would have been obvious on the ultrasound.

I have to go back in for a biopsy, which was not the news I wanted yesterday, and I broke down pretty hard after the tests yesterday.

Am I better now? I don't know. I'm going back into work, because I like my workplace (and my paycheck), but really I could take the rest of the week off and just chill and also be fine with it. Mental health week. But I know I'm going to have to take another day off for the biopsy (which is supposedly an outpatient procedure that will be pretty easy, outside of the whole "you might have cancer" part), so it's back to the grindstone.

I really wish I'd gotten a definite answer yesterday. The waiting to find out what it is is stressing me beyond anything healthy :(



Updating from work because this is ridiculous and I need to rant somewhere.

So I got a call to schedule my ultrasound & mammogram on Friday. All well and good, scheduled it for Monday. Great, I only have to wait a weekend, I won't kill myself with stress.

Then they call back in 20 minutes and had to reschedule it to Wednesday afternoon. Okay, well...2 more days of worrying I have cancer. It's only 2 days. That'll be fine. Right?

So I get the automated reminder call this morning. "Your appointment at [hospital] radiology is scheduled for 2:30 in the morning. Please have--" This obviously can't be right, so I call them back. Surely the automated reminder is wrong, right?

...someone scheduled my appointment for 2:30am. Which is not a time they take appointments.

I'm now waiting to see if they can squish me in to when my original appointment was supposed to be, or possibly sooner. But oh my god, it's not enough that I might have cancer (yes, I know the odds are EXTREMELY low, that does not change the looming hugeness of my anxiety about it), but I've had to deal with this.


I hope they call soon. If they don't by lunch I'll be calling them back because this is kind of a big fucking deal.

Is this thing on?

Hey, couple folks who still check LJ! Been awhile, hasn't it. What have I been up to?

1) My mom and stepdad visited July 4th weekend and we all had a good time. We took the Essex Steam Train dinner ride, which was very nice (though kinda pricey; $80/per person, cocktails/wine not included!)…did some generally poking around in the Hudson Valley, including a visit to The Gilded Otter (a very tasty brewpub that my mom and stepdad have been going to for awhile, so she was uberpleased to share it with us [though we'd been before, on her recommendation]) and the Tuthilltown Distillery (makers of vodka, whiskey, and now Triple Sec and Cacao Liqueur, both of which I now own)…then closed out the trip with a visit to the casinos. Always good seeing my mom, and I can say that without any degree of sarcasm.

2) Last weekend was ConnectiCon, which was a blast as always. It's my third convention of the year and probably my last, since I didn't get a table at Furpocalypse. I've also been rethinking my regular attendance of furry cons, but I'll save that line of thought for a future post.

I DID learn that having a full-time job AND working a convention table is REALLY DIFFICULT and next year I am taking the Monday after off to rest, if I get a table again. 12 days in a row of solid 8-hour days (well, with one 6-hour day in the middle) wears you the hell out.

3) The job is still going well! It's been something like 100 days since I've been employed and I'm still learning — you're always still learning — but I hope they continue to keep me on because I'm pretty happy there. I have noticed I lose my spoons a bit quicker than I used to when I wasn't working, but considering my social anxiety and introversion has gotten a lot worse than the last time I worked full-time (because of things like the Job/Boss From Hell), this should be a surprise to no one.

4) Spot and I are planning our next Disney trip. Not the group trip I've mentioned (which can still be read about here: http://notacon.freeforums.net — please come over and say hi if you are interested), which will be October of 2016, but I was calling to make reservations for a different trip next year and the hotel chain offered a "Sit through our timeshare deal and stay at the hotel for like next to nothing" thing, so I was like what the hell.

And yes, we've been warned they are scams, and yes, we already know. We're not dumb with money, guys, despite how many conventions we've been to =p Thanks for your concern though!

ANYWAY! Our quick Disney trip is planned for the first weekend in December, because I have never seen Disney World at Christmas time and I totally want to. Hotel room already reserved (non-Disney hotel, but it's in Downtown Disney, so we'll deal), plane tickets already bought, and I'm currently fidgeting over how soon to buy tickets to the Christmas party.

I like having trips to look forward to :)

5) I'm trying to get back into the swing of arting, which has been on the back burner as I've been adjusting to the new job and dealing with family and friends and conventions. Finally got some work done on something for a friend this weekend, and hoping to kick up to working on a comic that was commissioned earlier this year. I don't want to push myself too much, though, because I know I'll crash…and I also know I'm going through a bit of a manic phase right now, which puts me much closer to that edge I'll fall off of.

So, not a HUGE amount going on, but enough to keep us busy. I think ConnectiCon filled all my social desires for awhile, and I'm currently having fun planning our trips and trying to nudge myself into drawing more. Meanwhile, Spot and I are cooking and cleaning and snuggling and enjoying life and being domestic…huzzah!


I have a long rant about stuff (not work! Work is still good!) but you know what?

Today is kind of awesome, and I'm not gonna rant about boring crap and ruin the awesome. Cheers to the Supreme Court, and cheers to all my LGBT friends who get to join us happy married folk :)


Jorb: One month in

Still like it. Quite a lot, actually. And this past week was my first time doing the non-graphic design stuff, which was challenging but I'm learning it! This is the first job I've had since the newspaper that reminds me very significantly of the newspaper job...which is beyond great. That's the job I wanted to spend the rest of my life at. It's kind of awesome I've got another job like that.

I like that I can leave the job at work, too: after I put my 8 hours in, I clock out and that's it. I don't have to worry about it. I can come home and relax. That is beyond amazing to me.

I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop, though. Shows what having a bunch of shitty, abusive jobs will do to you. Job PTSD, I guess.

Still. Hoping for the best :)


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